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Our Unique Tax Planning Service

Most people wish they could pay less tax, and yet significant numbers of individuals and businesses currently pay more than they need to.  UK and International tax systems are incredibly complex and our team of experts will work with you to simplify the subject and ensure you pay the minimum required, whilst staying within the law. 

We provide a comprehensive range of tax and accountancy services for businesses, individuals and trusts of all sizes.



  Our Approach 

We provide tailored advice to help our clients make the right choices in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

  • » High quality advice through experienced professionals
  • » Proactive service providing solutions tailored for your  particular needs
  • » A flexible approach which is fully integrated with all other areas of advice Pentagon supply, so tax forms part of the total financial solution
  • » We provide personal contact at the most senior level to fully understand your goals and aspirations and work with you to achieve these  


    Our Services

    Our comprehensive range of Accountancy & Tax services can help reduce the tax you pay. We cover all aspects of:


    • » Personal Taxes
    • » Business Taxes
    • » Research & Development Reclaims (R&D)
    • » Indirect Taxes (VAT)
    • » Other Taxes (Payroll Taxes incl PAYE,NIC. etc/Stamp Duty)
    • » Tax Investigation Insurance 
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                                As one of the pre-eminent groups of Management Consultants and Chartered Accountants operating in London, Pentagon Finance are able to provide advice on all aspects of accountancy such as

                                   We are a business based on knowledge. Our strong network of professionals are there to help transform your business. 

                                  We offer a comprehensive financial planning and advisory service for businesses and individuals based on knowledge and professional experience. We are focussed on helping businesses deliver sustainable step change improvements in their reporting and performance.